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Beta Testing Google Music

November 16, 2011

OK… so Google has so many things going on that they need people to test their applications on their virus-laden, spyware-loaded, software-bloated 10-year-old computers. Just in case there is some guy out in the sticks connecting over the copper telephone line using a serial RS-232 modem at 1200 baud and he insists that even though he is running Windows ’98 that he too should have the opportunity to use GOOGLE MUSIC. I mean why not? Shouldn’t everything that they put out be backwards compatible to last century?

Well, I dunno… I mean I’m just a regular guy (that’s my claim…) and I’m running Windows 7 ultimate in a room that looks more like mission control than my bedroom. I get Google Chrome updates every half hour it seems and so does this qualify me as a beta tester? Well they think it does. So I submit my name and in 3 days I’m eating my salami sandwich and both my firewall and AV programs detect some suspicious activity. AHHH!!! They have arrived! The aliens are requesting permission to install themselves onto my planet (am I pathetic or what?).

The aliens are the Google Developers (you can find out their names if you want)…

Well, this application is better than iTunes (that’s not a big statement) and probably was so in the alpha testing stages. In fact, having done some programming myself, I would venture to say that these guys and gals are probably running a better application on that guy’s machine in the sticks than I could ever run on my souped up late-model quad-core winultimate geeked out machine.

Sure, there are some bugs, but the bugs are what’s really fun about the application. Trying to make phone calls using the GTalk plugin makes my boss sound like Alvin of the Chipmunks. And it’s great when I can click on one song and then another and have Eminem “Cleanin’ out his Closet” at the same time as Biggie Smalls chants that he’s “Ready to Die (Everyday Struggle)”.

It’s a cool beat… L8r