Destined for Extinction

February 27, 2010

10 things that will soon become extinct:
1- The expressions: ‘Whatever…’ and ‘Where you at’; Who invented these? Motorola?
2- Car alarms; When is the last time you did something when you heard one?
3- MySpace; FaceBook is better
4- Lawn darts; The players will kill each other off
5- Desktop telephones; I don’t own one
6- ______ on Board bumper stickers; Who Cares?
7- Blockbuster video; does anybody really go here anymore?
8- Iran; Keep it up…
9- Access Fees; $10 for what???
10- Travel agents; Can you type ‘Expedia or Travelocity’


Hello world!

February 25, 2010

Well Hello!