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How to Address a Letter???

October 11, 2010

I have dealt with a bunch of customer service associates and at certain times in my life I have been in a customer service position myself…

I have also applied for a slew of jobs on the Internet and I often wonder who it is that I am addressing.

Did you ever wonder how to address a person or give feedback if you are not sure about a person’s gender or marital status?

Well I have. I have come up with a few salutations that I think cover everything:

Let’s examine the possibilities.

Male or Female
Married or Single
Wishes to identify or Does not wish to identify
Advanced Degree or None…
Teen/Child (this is the coolest…)
Hiring Manager or Human Resources

Possible Salutations: Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Master, Sir, Sirs, Madam, Sir or Madam
In the interests of not being PC correct I will say that Madam will almost never
be used by itself…

So to dispense with the suspense, from now on I will be using this all encompassing salutation for all of my communications.

(Dear)(Hello)(Hi)()(Dr)(M)(r)(s). (Sir or Madam) (Sr)(Madam)(Sirs)(Master)(HR)(Hiring Manager),

Pls ignore the formatting … use as you like it.

This is the ultimate salutation that I can think of… If you have a better one then please email me and I will think about it.

This is my story and I’m sticking to it.

Ken 10/11/2010