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What the experts think about “Epigenetics”

March 31, 2010

In a letter to Nature, Mark Ptashne, Oliver Hobert, and Eric Davidson question an editorial that appeared in the journal. The editorial, which focused on the International Human Epigenome Consortium, says that it is “clear that epigenetics … could explain much about how these similar genetic codes are expressed uniquely in different cells, in different environmental conditions and at different times.”

However, Ptashne, Hobert, and Davidson say that epigenetic marks stem from the DNA sequence and its interations with RNA and proteins. “They are thus directly dependent on the genomic sequence,” they write.

At Adaptive Complexity, Michael White says he agrees with Ptashne, Hobert, and Davidson. “

    The idea that genomes between species are too similar to account for species diversity is absolute nonsense

– I say bravo. Ken Niebling

. And so is the idea that epigenetic information is completely independent of DNA sequence,” he writes.


Do you think he’ll read it?

March 8, 2010

Amidst my current financial situation (I am unemployed), I decided to make a feeble attempt to make my voice heard. YES… I buckled under and wrote a communication to the Big Man. After all, he was my classmate at one time ( Columbia College 1983).

Do I expect that my words will ever cross his desk? No… That would be a miracle. Do I believe in what I wrote? Yes. For sure. I want the budget to be balanced. I want Americans to receive some sort of health care that gives them some peace of mind (employed or not…). And I believe that sticking our noses in other countries business is often not necessary unless it interferes with our own objectives. We cannot save the world. We have to start at home.


They can swear all they want… But –

March 6, 2010
Sworn to tell the truth

Sworn to tell the truth

These men have all sworn to tell the truth or uphold the duties of their office with integrity – REALLY?


Resume Faux paz’… Faux pas?

March 4, 2010

Mesmerized – I ‘mesmerized’ fellow employees with…

Mediocre – I surpassed other mediocre employees

Locked up – I locked up every deal before closing…

Go-to – I was the go-to guy in tight situations

Go-to girl – Worse…

Supplemented – I supplemented all major projects with…

Possessed – Possessed several clients and their portfolios.

Baby mama – Current relationship: My baby mama

AARP – Any reference to AARP is a No No…

Obligation – Met all my obligations on time

Optimistic – I am optimistic about my talents as a lifeguard.

Geek, Nerd or Techie – Any reference to being a geek or member of the ‘Geek Squad’

Progressive or Aggressive – Progressively responsible for success of aggressive projects

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